Tuesday, June 29, 2010

5th Anniversary

Ashley and I decided to take a mini vacation for our fifth anniversary. First we had to go to Grand Junction to do a floor. Yes, I had to help him do the floor. I probably wasn't the best help he's ever had, but we got 'er done! The next day we loaded up the dirt bike and four wheeler and headed up a trail just before Moab. It was super hot, but a beautiful ride. We then headed into Moab and checked into our bed & breakfast, which was so cute and quaint. After cooling off in the pool, we went to dinner at Buck's, which was super good. Then we strolled down Moab's main street, hitting the shops and getting ice cream along the way. The next morning we headed into Arches and did a short hike. What a wonderful trip to take together, and such a fun way to spend our fifth anniversary!

The following six pictures are from our hike into Arches. It was so beautiful that day, and soooo hot!

The following five pictures are of us at our bed & breakfast, Sunflower Hill.

The next three pictures are of us on our ride. We stopped to take a few pics, but we were too lazy to take our helmets off!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Our Lives Lately

Hailey could spend all day helping Grandpa with the cows!
"Final Salute"

Chase looking very patriotic on Memorial Day.

Here's Grandpa picking Hailey up for a "date". They went to lunch at Cafe Rio, then went shopping for summer clothes.

Visiting Memorial Hill on Memorial Day

First swim of the year. It wasn't super warm, as you can tell from Chase's face!

Hailey helping Daddy till the garden.

Hailey and Chase watching Daddy till the garden.